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Playing with your own emotions..!!

Emotion is often defined by the conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a certain degree of pleasure or displeasure but all that is  driven by your subconscious beliefs, rules, which are largely formed by your lifestyle, background, cultural and social experiences. We experience different kinds of emotions at different times depending on the situations or the people we are with. Anger, Love, compassion, empathy, relief ..all these words carry different feelings that give rise to different chemical reactions in our mind which further give rise to various kinds of emotions.

Now the main thing…Have you ever tried to play with the emotions you encounter time to time?? Sounds strange isn’t it??  Of course, How can we play with our own emotions when playing with other’s emotions often consider sin.. i mean why would we commit sin against and for our own selves. But what if we make this playing a funny task??

Lets begin ..Have you ever experienced your body language at different instances..like when you are fully confident about something how your spine gets straight on its own or when you grieve or afraid of something how your body gets shrinked and your shoulders get low… all these things induces different body language.. So we can say that our psychology affects our physiology to a very extent but what if it also happens the other way round?? what if i say that our body language could have a deep impact on the emotions we have at that very point?? Try this.. whenever you are in stress or sorrow just jump and shout anything and then observe how this little act affects your emotion or…. what you can also do…just take cold showers and observe how each part of your body energized and how your mental emotion changes with the body motion.

Other way of playing with emotions are the very words which we use in daily life..yeah you got it right , words can injure our ego or inflame our hearts. We can instantly change any emotional experience simply by choosing new words to describe to ourselves what we are feeling. If, however, we fail to master words and allow their selection to be determined strictly by unconscious habit, we may be denigrating our entire experience of life. Just try to observe the power of changing just one keyword in communicating with someone and note how it instantly changes the way people feel and often the way they subsequently behave.. Try this… replace words in the vocab you use …like angry with annoyed, anxious with excitement ..or hate with dislike..and many more. Find those words that have positive effect on the intensity of your mind waves or on the chemical reactions going on in your mind at that very moment. Words are used to re-present to us what our experience of life is, In that representation they alter our perception and feelings.

Changing our focus is the another efficient way of dealing with the emotions and believe me this had been done by many of us but unconsciously… Ever notice how indulging in movie only for 3 hrs makes you forget all the worries of your life and then after that you again find yourself back on the same old track.. I mean its strange how 3 hrs can change the whole chemistry of your body including your mind. Now to increase this time period and to master it ..this is all in your hand which can be done through different activities that take a lot of focus and concentration.

Just make it a fun game and start finding ways to play with your own emotions and drive them instead of being driven by them..you will enjoy it for sure….!!


Coz..Whatever happens,happens for the best..!!

Life is a strange journey, no one knows what’s coming next. This journey might contain in itself different paths with a lot of things which often result in character building . The environment, cultural influence, friends and company and many such factors mould our character in such a way that the existing character starts choosing it’s path unconsciously.

We have certain expectations from ourselves and often try to plan things in our own way …but this is life ..a strange journey, it never follows our way.. instead expose us to the unfamiliar circumstances which might contribute to the character building in the form of new experiences and soon we realize that our plans go out of the window in no time. Some of those unfamiliar circumstances bring pleasure while others bring pain at the same time, but it is important to note that..those with a lot of pain often help us to become strong enough to walk through the troublesome paths of this strange journey.

Sometimes, those unfamiliar circumstances which are not the part of our plans start throwing many questions at us..like Why always me?? Or Do i deserve this?? But we know, in this life Whatever happens.. happens for a reason…and Whatever happens,happens for the best..!! Even if it gives us a lot of pain , we should not consider it as a pain.. instead consider it as a thing which is new to our comfort zone and get used to it because widen comfort zone gives enough courage to provide breakthrough and sometimes one breakthrough is all it takes to transform our lives.

So, stop asking Why me..?? Instead say Try me…!! Coz whatever happens, happens for the best and something better is coming..!!

The First Love..!!!

First love is innocent, when you experience your first love …that special person inspires you to do new things, to experience new things. The positive effects that person had on you and vice versa often marks a time of personal growth and development. It is the first time you make decision based on you both as a couple and feel the equality that “us” implies. It is also the first time you feel that way for someone,every little thing they do warms your heart. First love may not have ended by choice but can give plenty of lessons.

First love is hard to forget, they live in your heart forever and leave deep impressions on your mind and soul that those feelings still linger. What made first love so memorable is the purity which it holds with itself right from the moment it starts.The manifestation of that love is not driven by the sensations of self interests, ego, desires and wants but it actually emerges from the nexus of those pure souls that are full of compassion and unconditional love. Souls that do not envy, do not dishonour, do not boast, are not proud and only have one objective and that is…to love each other unconditionally.

But time passes and all the first give way to seconds and thirds and then you loose the count, you let all the things you once found beautiful become routine and slowly but suddenly it is the first time you realize that happiness isn’t found, It is earned..!!!

The souls which once were so innocent and pure start bearing the seeds of expectations,desires,wants and wills which are further nurtured by the external influences which are driven by the filthy desires of other ignorant souls. And the love that once was so pious becomes gross, the souls which were happened to be the manifestation of that true love become infected and covered by the layers of seven deadly sins that are stated in the bible…and they are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride such that the souls forget their true nature, And the experiences that are born out of these gross layers often results in unfamiliar, unknown and false identities.

And then comes the first time when you realize that the person who can make you the happiest…is also the one who can bring you the most pain but this pain is not of your pure soul which once loved unconditionally , It is the pain of your fake and false identity that is born out of those seven layers of deadly sins. And when love first ends…you wonder if you ever knew what it was, if what you had was even real…!!

But the first love is so intense that it can result in such a fantasy of it lasting forever that people can continue to harbour that fantasy long after the rational realism of their lives has shown that it is not going to ever be true..!!

But the first love is so intense that no matter how much time has passed, you still try to remove those layers from that unknown soul hoping to see the little glimpse of that pure soul whom you once loved but who knows that this hope is just the leftover of those filthy layers of yours..!!


As said by Chamath Palihapitiya (Former Facebook President), “Social Media is “RIPPING APART” Society, These tools that have been created today are starting to erode the social fabric of how society works and these lines are literally reflecting the dark side of social media . Social Media has become an integral part of our modern society and to be honest , it has become a thing almost impossible to survive without . Some of you might not agree but let me put this in simple sentence, challenge yourself to turn off these social networking tools for one week and find out yourself if you are addicted to them or not.

We are lucky enough to be a part of such generation where we are blessed with these tools and we should use them but everything in this world carries with itself certain limits and boundations and that decide the direction in which we are heading. God has blessed us with free will but now it’s free will magnified through these social networking tools and we are allowed to go in any direction and to any extent but it’s not the enemy , it’s just a reflection of our own free will . We all want to be liked ,but now we all want to be liked by millions of people and now some of us can go to any extent and can do anything to be liked virtually. First, we used to do anything to be liked but by the person infront of us but now by millions of people we don’t even know. We have to ask ourselves the extreame short and long term effects of social media in general.

Today , we live in a world where it is easy to confuse truth and popularity and where you can use money to amplify whatever you believe and get people to believe that what is popular is now truthful and what is not popular may not be truthful. It is more like manipulating people’s thought process and programming them in a certain way by changing and affecting their psychological and physiological patterns. If we talk about the basic principles on which these social networking sites are built , these principles are nothing but the exploitation of our own natural tendencies to get and want feedbacks and that feedbacks chemically speaking is the release of dopamine in our brain. For all those who are not familiar with the term “DOPAMINE”, it’s a hormone which is released during pleasurable situations and stimulate one to seek out the pleasurable activity and it is present everywhere i.e in Video Games, Fb, Insta, Porn, etc .Thought process that went into building these apps, Fb being the first is..how do they consume as much of our time and conscious attention as possible that means they are intended to give us a little dopamine hit every once in a while because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever is going to get you to contribute more content , it’s a social validation feedback loop and it’s like exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology . We compound the problem, we create our lives around this perceived sense of perfection because we get rewarded in these short term signals that is “Hearts”,”likes”,”thumbs up”, etc and we conflate it with truth and instead what it really is fake brittle popularity , that is short term and leaves you even more vacant and empty before you did it because then it forces you into this vicious cycle where you are like what’s the next thing i needed to do now because i need it back, Think about that compounded by 2 billion people and think about how people then react to the perception of others , in other words, these things are rewiring our psychology and physiology in a way that now we have to figure out how to be productive so if we don’t change it, we are going to get the same behaviour in our real world too and eventually we might become detached from the world we live in and literally change our relationship with the society and with each other and it is becoming a global problem , we are in a really bad state of affairs right now . In my opinion , It is eroding the core foundation of how people behave by and between each other.

It is better not to be unconsciously programmed by these tools but rather program yourself consciously to use these tools in a more effective and useful way without getting hit by a dopamine of short term happiness.